Take your jumping to the next level with our trampoline classes!

JumpSchool‘s trampoline classes are adapted to your experience level and age (from 6 years old)! So whether you’re a newbie looking for a fun place to learn to jump or a former competitive gymnast ready for new challenges, JumpYard classes are perfect for you!

Our teachers have several years of experience and our space has all the safety and material conditions so you can learn in a safe and fun enviroment!

In JumpSchool classes you will learn to do tricks on trampolines, wallrunning and much more!

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JumpSchool Classes October
JumpSchool Classes October
JumpSchool - JumpYard


2 classes per week
Tuesday & Thursday
7pm – 8pm

+1 hour of free jumptime
(before or after the class)

Non sliding JumpYard Socks

*Trial classes take place on the first 2 classes of each month. Each trial class costs €13.


The minimum age to be able to take classes is 6 years.

Of course you can! Our classes are adapted to the level of each student so, no matter your level of experience, our teachers will make sure you’re having the best time!

Yeah!! We have trial classes on the first 2 classes of each month, and it costs 13€. If you enroll the same day in our classes this amount will be deducted from the 1st month. Just book a spot for a trial class at the reception or here.

You can! In this case, you must register directly at reception so that we can adjust the monthly pass price to the number of classes remaining.


Yes! If you register 2 or more people from the same household, you will get a 10% discount on the monthly pass fee!

We recommend sporty and comfortable clothing. You can also bring sports shoes, in case the class includes wallrunning, climbing or in our Ninja area.

Yes, we have changing rooms where you can change clothes, and store your belongings in a locker (remember to bring a padlock).

The changing rooms do not have showers, so it will not be possible to shower after class!

How can I enroll or book a trial class?

To enroll in our JumpSchool classes, click on the “Enroll Now” button and follow the steps below.
You can also enroll directly at reception!


To register you must choose the last day of the month in which you want to use the monthly pass.
(Example: To take classes during the month of October, you must select the date October 31)

To take an trial class, you must choose a day that falls on a Tuesday or Thursday.

JumpYard Booking


Click on the “JumpSchool” option.

Choose the option “JumpSchool Mensalidade” to enroll or “Aula Experimental” to take a Trial Class.

Produtos JumpYard
JumpSchool - JumpYard


If you don’t have an account yet, you can create it now or continue the process as a guest!

If you choose the option “Continue as a Guest” enter your details in the form that appears.

It will be in this email that you will receive confirmation and proof of purchase.


Check the summary of your purchase (month of monthly pass, customer data, etc).

Click “Finish” to proceed to the payment window.

You can choose to pay with Debit/Credit Card or Mbway.

After making the payment, you will receive an email with confirmation.
If you don’t receive it, please check your spam folder.